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Where our story begins...

Teshuva fields is our fresh cut flower farm in the middle of Crystal Lake.

We started as an ambitious married couple desiring to incorporate our love for flowers and planting into something tangible. Flower farming came up and we immediately began breaking ground right away in less than a 1/2 acre property in front of our friend's house in the spring of 2020. 

Throughout the season we planted 6 weeks late, planted under trees, and our drip irrigation didn’t work properly yet, our flowers bloomed despite our failures. We had so many flowers we stepped out, doing a U-pick at the end of the season to expose Crystal Lake to organic, fresh-cut flowers right in their back yard. 

Our vision is to create a no-till sustainable farm by restoring the land and soil back to its’ original health and vitality alongside growing local cut-flowers.

Our mission is to educate the community about supporting local cut flowers, restoring the land, and turning people back to trusting the Lord over all. 

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