Our u-picks is simple that.. YOU PICK your own flowers from our flower farm. We will have specific dates for you to choose from when you check out. They will be offered Mid-July through September. (We may extend it to October due to our drought at the beginning of the season but we will keep everyone posted.) 


Expectations for the U-pick on the farm:

-It is a farm in the middle of a field without any shade so it will be HOT. Bring sunscreen and proper clothing attire.

-We encourage little children on the farm all the time but if your bringing them in a stroller just be aware that the ground is uneven and it will be hot out.

-We ask that you avoid bringing your beloved fur babies since we have several flowers near the walking paths and we want to make sure all the flowers can be in the best quality for you and others!

-We will provide floral scissors for each group/couple and will do a quick tutorial of how to cut the flowers properly. 

-You can purchase a mason jar for $5 for your flowers or we will have a table where i can show you how to wrap your bouquet.

-When you arrive at the farm please have your ticket/confirmation available.

-There is a MAX capacity of 30 people at the farm at one time. Once it has reached the max the date will be unavailable to be able to check out. 

-The amount you can grab for the U-pick is measured by being able to close your thumb to your middle finger. 

-We work really hard each day to make sure the flowers are at the best quality and the farm looks presentable to each person seeing it so please be respectful of the space when you come and enjoy the farm! 

U-pick flowers

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